I took my daughter to a pottery painting place a little bit ago. I’m exceedingly lucky, because she inherited my artsy-craftsy-ness. Also, I had a Groupon!

Pottery Painting

All plastic-ed up and ready to go.

I was planning on taking adorable photos of her painting away, but I got distracted. I decided to paint a little round jar instead. Pretty soon, my daughter long done and complaining she was bored. “HOLD ON, MOMMY’S PAINTING,” I’d say. Then I let her play Fruit Ninja on my phone while I finished up.

In other news, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Let's play "spot the overachiever!"

Let’s play “spot the overachiever!”

Eventually I did finish up and I rewarded my child’s patience with a pretzel. Then I took my little jar home and re-sealed it, because – and this is kind of sad – I have better sealant at home than they did at the pottery place.


Don't look too closely. Painting is not my forte.

Don’t look too closely. Painting is not my forte.

Anyways, my daughter loved the pottery place, I loved the pottery place, and we all won in the end. Next time maybe I’ll paint one of the exceedingly tacky things they have there; there was a breathtaking variety to choose from.

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