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Okay, it’s well past time to show off some FOs. Here we are with my foray into quilting!

My First Quilt!


It is the Small Plates quilt from The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I got all the fabric on clearance at Connecting Threads, which was terribly convenient since it was the exact fabric I wanted. The quilt is fantabulous and warm and my daughter loves it. What more could I ask for?


February Baby Sweater

The cuteness of baby sweaters is unmatched.

This is a February Baby Sweater, as invented by the incomparable Elizabeth Zimmerman. It was done in some basic Hobby Lobby Baby Bee acrylic, which to be honest was horrid to work with. Still, the sweater turned out nicely, so I’m good. It was a baby shower gift along with my next FO:

Stroller Bag!

Stroller bag interior

Stroller Bag - inside

It’s a convertible stroller bag! I followed this tutorial and used cotton duck for the outside and a gorgeous Amy Butler laminated cotton on the inside. I learned a lot on this bag, mostly about what a pain it is to sew Velcro to laminated cotton. I quite enjoyed using some of the machine embroidery stitches on my Brother for this project!

Finally, a work-in-progress:

Oranje WIP

Look at that facing!

Here is the Oranje sweater. This sweater is providing a special challenge as the largest size was just an eensy bit too small for my large self. So I spent a few hours reverse-engineering the pattern to fit me. It’s ginormous, on size 6s with fingering weight Dream in Color Sparkly. Oi. I am determined to finish it before CampKIP!

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