Monthly Archives: June 2010

Annis is done~

Just a quickie to post these pictures: The dreaded nupps. Can I just say that I am terrible at nupps? Because I am. :/

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More WIP wars

I seem to have issues finishing things. Behold, exhibit A: One shoulder seam, and the zipper, and I’m done! Sadly, that shoulder seam has languished in that state for about two weeks now. However, in my defense, I present this. The Sipalu bag that I started in January is off the needles. Now it, too, […]

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Status Update!

It’s been quiet here because I’m working on so many SECRET PROJECTS. SECRET PROJECT #1 is done and just needs photos and wrapping paper. SECRET PROJECT #2 is in the same state. SECRET PROJECT #3, which is huge and has been spotted in the wild at knit night, just needs to be washed and blocked. […]

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