Monthly Archives: June 2009

the devil’s in the gutters

I am making a shrug! I based it off the Everybody’s Doing It pattern. I used garter stitch instead of seed stitch, though, and made as many border rows as I damn well pleased. As a person with extra-wide arms, wider bands tend to look more proportionate on me. Also, the yarn is so very, […]

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Picspam time!

The Fake Isle hat. The Aguona laptop sleeve in progress. It looks way cooler than I actually am. I am kind of irritated with Knit Picks, because they printed the two charts for the bag on two sides of the same page, meaning I have to pull the chart off my board every time I […]

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Things I done did

I realize I need to get photos for these things, but I’m just so lazy. Recently finished objects: Fake Isle hat (needs blocking) Striped mat (needs ends woven in) 2, yes two, Clapotis-es Several dishcloths. I also took the plunge and signed up for the TKGA Masters Course, level 1. I anticipate many learning experiences, […]

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