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New layout, Knitting Pipeline recap

Hey everyone! On Thursday I promised a shiny new blog layout and I HAVE DELIVERED. Behold, I have looked into the heart of the TARDIS WordPress code and I have smacked it around until it did what I wanted. Learning! The Knitting Pipeline retreat was awesome, which is exactly what I expected. There were some […]

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Retreat! Retreat!

Okay, it’s been an entire year, I know. BUT! I am renewing my commitment to you, o blog, and to prove it I even have a whole new layout in the works. So there. Meanwhile, in real life, I’m hitting up the Knitting Pipeline Retreat¬†tomorrow. Say hi! Fun new content to come soon, including my […]

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Hello, Dolly

I forgot how much I love WordPress! Also, there are some crazy awesome features that have been introduced since I last used WP. Anyways, this is my blog. It is pretty much like every other blog. I plan to post things here. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely defaultness of my theme. It’s just so… […]

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