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Finished objects I’ve knit.

Dearest Blog

Dear blog, I know you think I have forgotten you, but I really haven’t. It’s just that I have been terrible with taking pictures and recording what I’ve been doing. Really, I’ve been pretty boring, but I’ve been churning out quite a few knits. Look, here’s that cardigan! It’s blurry, but it’s also difficult to […]

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Annis is done~

Just a quickie to post these pictures: The dreaded nupps. Can I just say that I am terrible at nupps? Because I am. :/

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Since I’ve been gone

Man, it’s hard to keep up with a knitting blog when you’re knitting presents for people who might see said blog. Then I felt like I should have posted those presents after Christmas, but I never got proper pictures, and yeah. Things got backed up. So here’s a quick update: I made two sweaters. They […]

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notes to self

Dear Self, No, you may not start a shawl. You have two sweaters on the needles right now (remember that other one? Hmm?), and the laptop bag, and if you cast on another giant project you will go cukoobananas. Put that laceweight down right now, missy. You may, however, cast on a new pair of […]

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Picspam time!

The Fake Isle hat. The Aguona laptop sleeve in progress. It looks way cooler than I actually am. I am kind of irritated with Knit Picks, because they printed the two charts for the bag on two sides of the same page, meaning I have to pull the chart off my board every time I […]

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