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Letters I wrote in my head while cleaning up my stash

Dear Cascade Eco-Wool, I don’t know where you’ve run off to but I WILL FIND YOU. There are three of you and I know you’ve stuck together these past six months. Plus, you’re really large, skein-wise, and that makes you stick out. If you really wanted to go into hiding you would have to disguise […]

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Stupid, stupid mansweater.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I was having trouble with the sleeves of the manswerater. Last night I finally made myself sit down and start reknitting the sleeve that I ripped out. I massively decreased right off the bat in order to slim up the sleeve, and it looked quite nice! I got about a […]

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Why, oh why did I cast this on? I am never going to finish all my projects this way. That’s it! I’m declaring a moratorium on casting on until I finish at least TWO projects. I’m gonna hide my needles, lock up my stash, and pretend like these five four projects are the only projects […]

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On the needles

So, now that I’ve updated you with what I’ve managed to get off the needles, let me show you what I’m still slogging along on. First up, that mansweater. Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Oregano. Pattern: Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator. Here it is, in all its sleeveless glory. I did […]

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Since I’ve been gone

Man, it’s hard to keep up with a knitting blog when you’re knitting presents for people who might see said blog. Then I felt like I should have posted those presents after Christmas, but I never got proper pictures, and yeah. Things got backed up. So here’s a quick update: I made two sweaters. They […]

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